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The 1997 DEAF Fly-In
By Jim Bourke
Pictures and info on the 11th annual Texas fly-in by Jim Bourke.

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Speed 400 Motors Part 3
By Doug Ingraham
n analysis of 7.2V Speed 400 motor/gearbox/prop combos by Doug Ingraham. Part 3 in Doug's series on Speed 400 motors.

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Electric Airplanes at the 1997 US Scale Masters
By Bob Rumsey
Get the inside scoop on this prestigious event from an electric flier's perspective. Read how two individuals, Bob Benjamin and Randy Smithisler, competed with electric aircraft. By Bob Rumsey.

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The 1997 UK Jet Masters
By Gordon Whitehead
Gordon Whitehead provides all the details on his first encounter with electric powered ducted fan aircraft.

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The 1997 SAM Champs
By Jay Burkart
Jay Burkart feeds us info on the antique modeler's championship.

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The 1997 KRC E-vent
By Jim Bourke
Coverage of the grand-daddy of all electric fly-ins, the 18th annual KRC Electric Fly.

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The 1997 AMA E-Nats
By Jim Bourke
Read about this year's contest in Muncie, Indiana, USA. Broken down into 5 parts for easy viewing: General info , Old Timer , Sailplane , Pylon , and Plane Specifications and Standings

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The 1997 Mid-America Electric Fly-in
By Jim Bourke
Read about the second largest electric event in the US. This report contains over 50 photos and is divided into four parts: General Info, Demo flights, Vendors/New Products, and Favorite Models

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The Multiplex Graffiti
By skranish
Steve Kranish reviews this high quality electric sailplane available from Multiplex.

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The 1997 Dortmund Toy Fair
By Andy Fok
Andy Fok gives us all the important info. 70 color photographs of new products demonstrated at the largest R/C show in the world. Don't forget to view parts two and three also!

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The 1997 Weak Signals Expo a.k.a. TOLEDO
By Jim Bourke
America's largest R/C convention from an electric-flyers point of view. by Jim Bourke. Make sure you see parts two and three as well.

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A Very Complete Conversion Table
By Paul Rampelbergh
by Paul Rampelbergh.

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