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Spitfire Sloper Spitfire Sloper
By Russ Thompson
Check out Russ Thompson's beautiful, scratch-built, fiberglass Spitfire slope plane. Russ created this plane for the 5th annual PSS Festival at the Cajon Pass, and it took 4th place in the "Prop" class.

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Mini Acacia Mini Acacia
By Brett
The Mini Acacia (also known as the 'Solero') is the little brother of the large Acacia F3F and F3J planes. It's fast, fun, and maneuverable in a variety of conditions, and would probably make a good first molded plane, as it offers great performance in a relatively inexpensive package.

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X-Ray X-Ray
By George Voss
In a nutshell, this plane is well worth the money! It's not light enough to be considered an F5B model, but it sure is fun to take to the power field and show the locals that all electrics aren't slow.

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The Millennium Falcon The Millennium Falcon
By Dennis Weatherly
Dennis Weatherly takes a look at this high performance sailplane manufactured by New Creations R/C. The Millennium Falcon is a real sweetheart. If you can handle basic epoxy-glass, wood, and foam construction, you can build this model, and if you are looking for a first high performance electric sailplane, this might just be the plane.

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Windrider Bee Windrider Bee
By dave_lilley
The Bee is a really nice, fun flying plane. With its low cost, ease of setup, and durability, it is easily one the best "value for the money" planes that I own. For modelers looking for a flying wing, or just a low investment, fun slope plane, the Bee is an excellent choice.

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Scale Sail Zone - September 2002 Scale Sail Zone - September 2002
By Peter George
The new scale sailplane column, ScaleZone, is currently being written by two scale sailplane modelers, Tom Pack and Peter George. They are coordinating their efforts and will be writing columns that take advantage of each of their individual strengths.

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Gliderport - September 2002 Gliderport - September 2002
By dave_lilley
I would like to welcome everyone to the LiftZone! The LiftZone is the new webzine dedicated to folks who love RC sailplanes. In the first edition of my column, I introduce the new LiftZone columns, the LiftZone staff, and the articles for September.

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Chilliwack Spring Classic Electric Fly-In - 2002 Chilliwack Spring Classic Electric Fly-In - 2002
By Martin Hunter
As Martin Hunter shows us in this report, this year's Chilliwack Spring Classic Electric Fly-In was a quite nice event, and many fantastic planes were shown and flown by some of the top modelers in the hobby today.

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