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Scale Sail Zone - October 2002 Scale Sail Zone - October 2002
By SZD16
Tom Pack, who shares the scale columnist duties with Pete George, brings us a new ScaleZone column. Tom shares information about his latest scale projects, tow tugs, building techniques, and more.

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Opus V Opus V
By Brett
In a world filled with so many 1.5 meter and 3 meter race planes, the Opus V fits nicely into the under-populated mid-size slope glider class. With a span of about 2 meters, the slick Opus looks a bit like an undersized F3F racer. Its smooth, high-speed performance has made it a popular slope sport plane in southern California. The Opus is big enough to have the smooth handling characteristics and speed of a larger plane, yet it's less expensive then a full blown unlimited F3F ship.

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Kelly Kelly
By Pat Mattes
It seems that beautiful sailplanes always fly better, and this review just confirms that statement. The Kelly is high quality through and through, goes together easily and quickly, and flies well both powered and gliding. Simply put, it is just one sharp little sailplane.

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Crunchie Corner - October 2002 Crunchie Corner - October 2002
By Russ Thompson
Russ Thompson, one of the LiftZone's slope columnists, brings us his first column in the form of a very nice report from this year's Soar Utah.

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Dark Side - October 2002 Dark Side - October 2002
By Adrian Law
The Dark Side, aka Dynamic Soaring, is not a cosmic force... or perhaps it is. This new column is dedicated to exploring the dark art of dynamic soaring. Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side!

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Gliderport - October 2002 Gliderport - October 2002
By dave_lilley
This month I have a new column announcement, the list of new columns and reviews for September, and an update of my Spatz review.

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Recurring Charge - October 2002 Recurring Charge - October 2002
By Bernard Cawley
Battery chargers have come a long way in the past 20 years or so, and this column highlights those changes, as well as reviews a few of the current chargers on the market.

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