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Elegant Elegant
By Allan Wright
The Elegant 700 is very high quality and well-built glider kit that continues to impress me each time I fly it. It makes a good plane for those considering taking the next step up in performance from 2-meter class of sailplanes.

(Added: Nov 27, 2002, Hits: 28622, Comments: 2, Rating: 1.0)
Candy HLG Candy HLG
By Rob Schaffer
Overall, the Candy hand-launch glider combines concise, clear instructions with great quality construction, providing the sport flyer with a very fun and competitive aircraft. The low total weight, wide wing cord, Selig airfoil, and V-tail control make this plane a very nice floater for a wide range of conditions.

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Thermal Talk - November 2002 Thermal Talk - November 2002
By George Voss
Please welcome the LiftZone's newest column, Thermal Talk. Future issues will include electric, winch, aero tow and IC (internal combustion) power launch methods, along with slope, scale, hand or discus launch, and other flying disciplines.

(Added: Nov 27, 2002, Hits: 7003, Comments: 1, Rating: n/a)
Competitive Focus - November 2002 Competitive Focus - November 2002
By efarmer
Eric Farmer brings us a new column that zeros in on the competitive side of sailplanes. The hope is this column will become a valued resource to anyone interested in starting to fly competitions, as well as the seasoned competition pro.

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Maximum Lift - November 2002 Maximum Lift - November 2002
By RicVaughn
This month, Ric discusses NATS, NEAC (National Electric Aircraft Council), competition flying, as well as revisiting landing practice.

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Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2002 Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2002
By dave_lilley
The Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) had its inaugural fly-in earlier this year just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Despite a day or so of less than perfect weather, the fly-in went very well, and there was a very good turnout of modelers, sponsors, and spectators.

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A Tale of two racecourses: Chester and York Electric Fly-ins - Summer 2002 A Tale of two racecourses: Chester and York Electric Fly-ins - Summer 2002
By leccyflyer
The Chester All Electric Fly-in usually takes place at the end of June or beginning of July at the picturesque Roodee racecourse, right in the centre of this historic town, located in a bend in the River Dee. The theme of the day is low-key fun flying, though a number of competitions are run, including scale, sports-aerobatic, vintage, and the All-Up-Last-Down event.

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Eric HLG Eric HLG
By Rob Schaffer
With a generous amount of wing and very light flying weight, the Eric is a very capable and fun hand-launched glider.

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Dymond Crazee Dymond Crazee
By Andrew Willetts
Andrew Willetts was looking for a nice ARF sport-sailplane that would be easy to fly, fast, aerobatic, and a good thermal trainer, and he found all this in the Dymond Crazee.

(Added: Nov 03, 2002, Hits: 5285, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)