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Lead Sled Alley - December 2002 Lead Sled Alley - December 2002
By Russ Thompson
You may have noticed the name of this column changed from "Crunchie Corner" to "Lead Sled Alley". This is because the word "crunchie" encompasses all non-foam airplanes, but "lead sleds" are, for the most part, what will be covered in this column. This month however, the column will cover something a little different.

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Scale Sail Zone - December 2002 Scale Sail Zone - December 2002
By SZD16
This month's Scale Sail Zone covers the action at the first annual CASA Last Aero-tow.

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Thermal Talk - December 2002 Thermal Talk - December 2002
By thrmaln
This month, Marc Webster, part of the Thermal Columnist duo, brings us his introductory column with some great information on hand and discus launched planes, as well as gear for them.

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Controlling Interest - December 2002 Controlling Interest - December 2002
By Bernard Cawley
This month, Bernard discusses wire lengths and ESCs, shows a new device called the Ultimate BEC, and provides information on several new sensorless controllers.

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Filip 600 Filip 600
By Andrew Willetts
This sailplane lives up to the hype! It is a slow-flying floater that works well in poor lift, climbs 1100fpm on the suggested Speed 500 geared setup, and it performs extremely well for a 2M glider. Overall it is a great glider both beginners and advanced modelers alike.

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FVK Bandit FVK Bandit
By tim hooper
Here is a question for you. Have you ever chanced upon a hitherto unheard of model, and decided to yourself, "I have just got to get me one of those!" within 10 seconds of seeing it fly? Better than that, have you then bought the model not just once, or twice? How about being so impressed that you've bought the model no less than three times? No? I did!

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Wing Warrior Raider Wing Warrior Raider
By Keith Award
The Raider is a great, multi-purpose wing. The same design characteristics that make it great for combat result in it being a very stable plane to learn to slope on and to use in a broad range of wind conditions.

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