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Thermal Talk - January 2003 Thermal Talk - January 2003
By George Voss
In November's column, I promised an update on the Great Planes Spirit Elite (SE). The primary goal was to make the plane lighter, at least a half of a pound lighter to be exact! In addition, we wanted it to launch higher, make it easier to see, and above all, not "break the bank." Check out this month's column to see the results.

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Toledo 2002 - R/C Trade Show Toledo 2002 - R/C Trade Show
By Steven Horney
Held in April of this year, the Weak Signals Toledo, Ohio R/C Trade Show was as magnificent as ever. Just as in the last few years, items oriented towards the electric flight market were evident everywhere.

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Radio Carbon Art - Endless Lift 3 Radio Carbon Art - Endless Lift 3
By Brett
As always, Radio Carbon Artís camera-work, picture quality, sound, and editing in Endless Lift 3 are top notch.

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The Easy Electro 72 The Easy Electro 72
By Ed Koffeman
Ed Koffeman reviews the ultra-ready-to-fly model from Cermark.

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Gliderport - January 2003 Gliderport - January 2003
By dave_lilley
This month in the Gliderport, I have the latest news for the LiftZone, as well as links to November and December articles.

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Dark Side - January 2003 Dark Side - January 2003
By Adrian Law
If you read Adrianís last issue of the Dark Side, you should understand what is going on down the back of the hill and basically what is involved in dynamic soaring (DS). This time he is going to try to help you get started.

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