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Plettenberg Freestyle 24, and Shulze Future 11.20e Plettenberg Freestyle 24, and Shulze Future 11.20e
By Greg Covey
The Plettenberg Freestyle 24 is a new concept in brushless motor design that uses a 14 pole rotor to achieve very high torque without gearing. A superior winding technique provides for a higher overall efficiency than other similar products.

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Secrets of Thermal Soaring Secrets of Thermal Soaring
By Brett
If model sailplane pilots ran the Discovery Channel, they'd make videos like Paul Naton's "Secrets of Thermal Soaring."

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Combat Wings XR Combat Wings XR
By Adam Till
Whether you're a fan of EPP or not, whether you like flying wings or prefer other models, nobody can deny that flying wing designs are probably the most popular slope models flown today.

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Dark Side - March 2003 Dark Side - March 2003
By Adrian Law
This month I am going to try to broaden the sites you think of as DS sites. Maybe you don't have a site similar to what I have shown you. Or even maybe you don't have any slope sites at all, then I may be able to help you.

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Recurring Charge - March 2003 Recurring Charge - March 2003
By Bernard Cawley
Based on some of the posts I've seen on the discussion boards and from some of the e-mail I've received, I think we need to start at the very beginning.

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