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Aspach 2002 Part 2 Aspach 2002 Part 2
By James Frolik
Electric ducted fans have really come a long, long way in the past few years. Most stout eflight modelers eventually get one, and as eflight continues to expand the EDF presence at flying fields becomes more assiduous.

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Nippy 400 and Nippy 280 Sensorless Brushless Motors Nippy 400 and Nippy 280 Sensorless Brushless Motors
By Pat Mattes
Brushless motors have really been hitting the RC scene in the past years, with more and more offerings in both the larger and smaller sizes becoming available for use. Brushless motor speed controllers have also changed radically in that same timeframe, with smarter logistics, greater efficiencies, and smaller, lighter packaging still capable of delivering the power required.

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Aspach 2002 Part 1 Aspach 2002 Part 1
By James D Frolik
Since 1991 most eflight modelers in Germany and much of Europe have regarded Aspach as THE main event where precedence for innovation and leading edge exhibition has been well established. Its showcase format, where typically no more than one or two models are in the air at any given time, allows you to keep a specific eye on all the action.

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The Saga of the Super Soarer The Saga of the Super Soarer
By Brett
This is not so much a review as it is a story. It's the story of an airplane that would not die, and a builder who would not quit. Ok, well, really, it's the story of an airplane that almost died and, builder who did quit, but then got bored one day and figured, what the heck, I've got nothing to lose, so lets finish building this. It was either that or toss it in the garbage...

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Eraser 2000 (El Camino F3B) Eraser 2000 (El Camino F3B)
By Adam Till
I've always been the type to keep a few different models around, but in an attempt to maximize the effectiveness of my practice time, I decided that I was going to have to concentrate on one design. I chose the Eraser 2000 (El Camino F3B in North America) for my main weapon for the team trials, since it combines great ranging ability with strong overall performance.

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Lead Sled Alley - April 2003 Lead Sled Alley - April 2003
By Russ Thompson
Welcome back for part two of the Me-109 construction series. Last month we covered the building of the basic plug. This month we will be adding all the various details and getting the plug ready for the mold.

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The WindDancer The WindDancer
By sumobob
I have become interested in the F5J style of competition. I fly in two classes: Speed 400 and 7-Cell. At the 2002 F5J World challenge I was able keep up in 7 Cell but my Speed 400 plane was just not competitive. I needed to do something! Being last sucks! At the F5J World Challenge, Craig Greening was flying the Wind Dancer prototype and took second place. It looked good to me so I had to get one!

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AMA Show Road Trip 2003 AMA Show Road Trip 2003
By Michael Heer
Dick Andersen picked me up at 5:15 in the morning. It was cold, wet and very foggy as we drove the 45 minutes from Stockton to Modesto. There we met up with Bob Hoffman and transferred to his car and we picked up Benard Simpier as we headed out of town. It remained cold, wet and foggy most of the morning as we cruised down I-5 on our way to the AMA show in Pasadena.

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An Ezoner Goes to the AMA Show in Pasadena An Ezoner Goes to the AMA Show in Pasadena
By Michael Heer
As I entered the AMA show in Pasadena I saw a huge banner with the words: "Hobby Lobby" on it. I headed over to see what the good guys from Tennessee had brought to the show.

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Thermal Talk - April 2003 Thermal Talk - April 2003
By thrmaln
Hello again! In my previous column, I mentioned the upcoming AMA Convention 2003 that would be held in Pasadena, California in January 2003. I made the trek as usual, but since it is always so close to Christmas, I was somewhat limited on funds for some new toys. Anyway, there were quite a few vendors with Soaring and DLG related items worth noting.

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The Global Vx400 The Global Vx400
By Brett
The Vx-400 appears to be aimed at the low-intermediate level pilot, who perhaps already has a rudder-elevator controlled electric sailplane. It features a mix of what I would consider “beginner” and “intermediate” design elements, in that it has as a simple, straight, built-up wing, combined with a sleek fiberglass fuselage.

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