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Mid Winter Electric's '03 Mid Winter Electric's '03
By Fred Bronk
The Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego have a great fun fly each year called the Mid-Winter Electric's (MWE). It has been held since 1999 in San Diego, California, USA at their Mission Bay flying site right next to Sea World. It is held during the President's Day weekend in February, giving a nice 4-day event by throwing in Friday.

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Las Cruces Electric Fly-In 2002 Las Cruces Electric Fly-In 2002
By Jim Walker
The second annual Las Cruces Electric Fly-In was held on Saturday December 7th 2002. The background to this event takes us back two years to a time when R/C electric planes were unheard of in Las Cruces. The local hobby shop owner, Albert Lane, was very friendly but skeptical about electrics because of what he had been told by some of the members of the local AMA club.

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Toledo 2003 Toledo 2003
By Editor
Once again I had the pleasure of spending two days in Toledo, Ohio during the first weekend of April covering the famous Weak Signals R/C Trade Show. I look forward to the Toledo show more than any other modeling event each year, and I'm never disappointed.

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Hobby Lobby MiniAC Motor Review Hobby Lobby MiniAC Motor Review
By Editor
Smaller in diameter than a 280 and only a little longer, this little motor really turns in the performance while keeping the current draw in Speed 400 territory. If you like Speed 400 airplanes, the MiniAC motors have a lot to offer: Use the same battery packs and keep the same current levels, but up your prop rpm a couple thousand and cut your weight at the same time!

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Vacuum Bagging Made Easy - a 2 Disk DVD Vacuum Bagging Made Easy - a 2 Disk DVD
By George Voss
Phil Barnes is an expert in the field of vacuum bagging composite model aircraft wings. Many of us wonder what it takes to produce wings that are Phil's caliber. What equipment to use, what paint, which types of fabric and epoxy to purchase, are just some of the questions we need answered. Bill Haymaker, along with Phil Barnes, has produced an exciting 2-disk DVD set that shows in detail every step in the production process of vacuum bagging composite wings and tails.

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Los Banos Scale Soaring Event 2003 Los Banos Scale Soaring Event 2003
By Michael Heer
This was the tenth anniversary of this event which combines aero-towing with slope flying of scale R/C gliders at Los Banos in North Central California. This event is hosted by South Bay Soaring Society and the event has been run by Lynsel Miller with a cast of supporting people that have made the event an annual success. The event originally included Power Slope Scale (PSS) planes along with gliders but those were discontinued after several years to focus the event on scale gliders.

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Taboo XL Taboo XL
By Allan Wright
Since each plane is custom-made by Oleg, I ordered my Tabboo wing customized with my name and AMA number and choose to have it come with a detachable stabilizer and ballast holes pre-cut in addition to the wing markings. All of these options are very reasonably priced...

Updated July, 2005: A second copy of each video is added, with a more common codec file to make the avi's compatible with most viewers' pc's.

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Swift Vee Electric Glider Swift Vee Electric Glider
By Michael Heer
My first thoughts on opening the box were what a gorgeous looking glider. Built and covered and only needing a little final assembly the Swift Vee looks like it wants to fly. Within fifteen minutes of opening the box I had test assembled the wings and stabs to the fuselage and saw I had a very pretty glider to review.

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Sport Palio Sport Palio
By NickW
My stable of airplanes has always lacked a large electric sailplane for those days when setting up a winch just isnít practical. The Sport Palio is an ARF (almost ready to fly) two meter sailplane that builds quickly, flies well, and doesnít break the bank.

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