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Hobby Lobby Habicht Hobby Lobby Habicht
By Brett
What, another bent wing sailplane, you say? Those of you who read my story about the Super Soarer might now think I have a thing for gull winged airplanes. Actually, what really intrigued me about this little scale sailplane was the idea of aerotowing it with a small park flyer tug, which I got from the Hobby Lobby web pages.

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TTE100 Computer Controlled Battery Charger TTE100 Computer Controlled Battery Charger
By Greg Covey
The TTE100 Computer Controlled Battery Charger is specifically designed for microflyers, parkflyers, and, for charging transmitter batteries. The charger offers many features found on high-end chargers for a fraction of the cost. By using your PC you can monitor, charge, graph, and track your batteries for much less than conventional chargers with similar capability.

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PJS 1000 External Rotor Motor Review PJS 1000 External Rotor Motor Review
By Pat Mattes
I stopped by the Hobby Lobby booth at the 2003 Toledo R/C Exposition in April, and one of my good buddies there slipped me something metal. With a big smile he said "If you like those Nippy's, you're gonna LOVE this!" I looked down and sure enough, it sure looked like a Nippy out-runner, with no other discernible difference at first glance than a different label. All it said was PJS 1000. And with another sly smile, he said "...and THAT will make your ThreeDee hover...!"

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Park Pal Peak Charger Review Park Pal Peak Charger Review
By Michael Heer
The Park Pal is a terrific little charger and what it is designed to do it does very well. However, it has some severe restrictions as to its limits. It is intended to charge small packs that are used with Park Fliers. It can do that and more but the bigger the pack the more time it requires. The company even has some accessories for the charger so that you can use AC or DC current for charging.

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Navaho Electric Sailplane Review Navaho Electric Sailplane Review
By Mitchell Gerdisch
The Navaho does not sport a long, sleek, high aspect ratio wing like some other sailplanes. Nor, does it have the latest high-tech airfoil and wing construction. Instead, the Navaho has a low aspect ratio (6.2), relatively short ,1.2 meter, built-up balsa wing based on an s4083 airfoil. No, the Navaho is not sexy. Instead, it offers a simple design, with light wing loading, easy transport, and quick assembly in the field.

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St. Genevieve, MO Fly-In. St. Genevieve, MO Fly-In.
By Don Sims
On April 26, 2003 the club in St. Genevieve, MO hosted a small fly-in. Ron Vallejo (electricrcflyer) was the primary host from the club, Ron has hosted events several times in the past and the club facilities are nice. St. Genevieve is one of the oldest towns in the Unites States west of the Mississippi and the community has maintained the historic ambiance so there are plenty of things for the spouses to do while you are flying or visiting with fellow modelers.

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Inside Story - June 2003 Inside Story - June 2003
By Graham Stabler
Hi micro fans. In this issue, we will have mixture of new technology and old technology with a modern twist. The feature article is by Gordon Johnson who you will all know has written several articles including last months feature on actuator torque. This month he describes his adventures with carbon fibre and shows how he makes carbon propellors using existing plastic propellers as a mold.

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Thermal Talk - May/June 2003 Thermal Talk - May/June 2003
By George Voss
My column is a little late because I was waiting to receive and report on the new RD 8000 radio system from Airtronics. The RD 8000 8-channel radio contains software for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. It has 10-model memory, and virtually all the mixes the sailplane flyer could want or need. Since this is a soaring column, I’ll focus on the needs of thermal soaring pilots.

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