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Advanced Covering Techniques with Solite
By Martin Hunter

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The 2003 Mid-America Fun Fly The 2003 Mid-America Fun Fly
By Jim Young
The Annual Mid-America fun fly is actually two, one-day events sponsored by the Electric Flyers Only (EFO's) and the Ann Arbor Falcons. Started over seventeen years ago by Ken Myers and Keith Shaw it has grown into one of the must be there e-vents of the summer. While it is billed as a "contest", Ken prefers to consider it a fun fly weekend for 100 of his closest friends.

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Plettenberg Freestyle XL Plettenberg Freestyle XL
By Greg Covey
When I received the larger FreeStyle XL motor, I now knew that I needed to select just the right model to put it in. The front mounting 25mm pattern with M3 screws is a common Speed 600 footprint. I knew that I could spin a 12x8" prop very effciently so the lightweight motor and reasonable current draw looked very intriguing.

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The Pelikan Highlander (Filip 400 Sport) Hotliner The Pelikan Highlander (Filip 400 Sport) Hotliner
By Editor
"Hotliners" - a term applied to hot rod sailplanes - have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it's little wonder why. Sleek and incredibly powerful, these machines rocket up to speck height in seconds, dive down at incredible speeds, perform all manner of aerobatics, and will even thermal when you want to relax a bit.

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Southeast Electric Fun Fly SEFF 2003 Southeast Electric Fun Fly SEFF 2003
By Kirby Pople
SEFF has come and gone once again, and now I find myself already looking forward to next years event. From the moment I arrived, I was amazed by the quality of the facility, the hospitality of the people, and the organization of the event. Everything was planned out, and appeared to run very smoothly from Registration to "Happy Trails" being played at the end of the last days flying. This in part had to be due to the hard work of Jeff Myers, Mack Hodges, and the Fayette Flyers.

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Filip 600 Sport Filip 600 Sport
By Slope Nut
My very first forays into RC aircraft came from the venerable Gentle Lady sailplane that so many of us first took flight with. I was hypnotized by searching for those elusive thermals, and controlling a completely quiet, and elegant aircraft. I flew only RC sailplanes for the first 3 years in the hobby, then life took over and I sadly gave up flying.

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Chester Electric Fly-in 2003 Chester Electric Fly-in 2003
By tim hooper
Although I like to attend one or two of the large trade shows each year, I really feel that aeromodelling is far more of a participant-based hobby than a spectator event, so I anticipate the 'fly-ins' far more than the trade shows. One of the highlights of each summers calendar is the Chester Model Flying Club's annual electric bash at the Roodee Racecourse in the centre of Chester itself.

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