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North County Flying Machines 60" M60 - EPP North County Flying Machines 60" M60 - EPP
By Keith Award
You would be hard pressed to find anyone with a bad word for the 48" Moth by North County Flying Machines (NCFM). The Moth is perhaps the closest you can come to a "do-it-all" glider. I can not say it any better than NCFM's description: "It can be bungee launched and specked in flatland thermals, slam a turn and fire out the other side in slope competition, or dropped into the backside for high speed dynamic soaring."

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A Controlling Interest - August 2003 A Controlling Interest - August 2003
By Bernard Cawley
Lithium batteries have unique charging needs, which I talked about in the last Recurring Charge (and will talk more about in the next Recurring Charge). They also have some different needs when it comes to speed controls specifically where they are used to power our radio systems from the ESC. Both the low voltage cutoff (LVC) function and the battery eliminator circuit (BEC) function are affected by the differences between nickel-based and lithium-based battery characteristics.

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Eflite Ascent Electric Sailplane/Park Flyer Eflite Ascent Electric Sailplane/Park Flyer
By George Voss
The Eflite Ascent ARF electric sailplane is marketed as a Park Flyer and electric sailplane. Like most of the model aircraft on the market today, the Ascent wasn’t designed as a competitive model, but one for leisurely and stress free sport flying. The Ascent fills that bill perfectly.

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