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B.A.D. Fun Fly Review B.A.D. Fun Fly Review
By Michael Heer
B.A.D. stands for Bay Area Duo and refers to two electric Fun Flys that occur on the same weekend, the last weekend in September, every year.

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Soaring Specialties FUN Slope Glider Soaring Specialties FUN Slope Glider
By Brett
The Soaring Specialties One Fun Design (a.k.a. “FUN”) is both a sport sloper and a racer. The FUN is designed on the wing and fuselage rules set forth by the Midwest Slope Challenge's One Design slope race. For those not familiar with it, the One Design class is a slope race formula that sets fairly narrow guidelines for sailplane design and construction. The result is racing airplanes that are generally affordable, easy to fly, and evenly matched.

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Modesto Fun Fly Modesto Fun Fly
By Michael Heer
This was the Third Annual Electric Fun Fly held by the Modesto Radio Control Club and it will be the only time we hold a big Fun Fly in July! The main story was the flying but it easily could have been the heat and wind. Those of us who live in California's Central Valley are used to hot days but a lot of our flying friends, especially those from the Bay Area are not.

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Recurring Charge - November 2003 Recurring Charge - November 2003
By Bernard Cawley
As many of us are climbing up the lithium-polymer battery learning curve, one of the big questions remains how to get the right charge into them safely and what chargers are suitable. This time, rather than cover another aspect of charger operation separately, I thought I'd provide a look at several lithium charging solutions that are currently available.

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E Zone Video Magazine - DEAF Fly-in 2003 E Zone Video Magazine - DEAF Fly-in 2003
By teamrcpilot
E Zone Video Magazine visits the 2003 DEAF Fly-in in Dallas, Texas in this music video presentation.

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Lead Sled Alley - November 2003 Lead Sled Alley - November 2003
By Russ Thompson
Welcome back for part three of the Me-109 construction series. In part two, we finished the plug. In this article, we will cover: Building the mold, laying up the first part, assembling the major components, and painting

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